Winter 2013 Exhibitions

January - February 2013 at Gallery 212 Miami

Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Quiros

Gustavo ‘Tavo’ Quiros

"I was born in Camarillo, California, on September 4, 1985. I spent some 10 years of my childhood in the Antelope Valley and my high school years in Orange County, California.  After graduating from high school I moved to Los Angeles to attend OTIS College of Art and Design for a total of 4 years. During my junior year in college I had the opportunity to study abroad at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. In 2007 I graduated from OTIS with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (Illustration).

Not too long after my graduation from college, at age 22, I began to develop signs of Bipolar Disorder which snowballed into a 5 year (and counting) battle with a hyper spiritual psychosis, and recently, in 2012, the doctors changed my diagnosis to Schizophrenia due to the continuous hallucinations.

In the past two years, with the help of my Faith, my family and doctors, I’ve become stable enough to begin working on my craft again, after a few years’ hiatus.

My hallucinations have been the most trying obstacles I’ve ever encountered, though they have also proven to be a great inspiration for my work and in life.

I have titled this collection “Laboring under Delusions”; featuring the angels and demons in my mind."

Olivia Kirzhneva  

Olivia Kirzhneva is a young and promising artist based in Miami. She works with different modes of expression including writing, painting and digital media. Upon the completion of her studies at City University London in early 2012, Olivia had already begun the search for the medium that allowed the greatest freedom to paint the landscape of her emotions and inquiries about the world.

What she does within her works, she does it for the memories; a scavenger for the broken pieces of ourselves, our memories, a hoarder of the times. Yesterday seems to slip by, unnoticed. That’s why she tries to capture what one can by image, by word, any sense that she can. Nostalgia always seems to find her- for a time and moment that was never really hers in the first place.

Olivia’s work documents the distinctly collective experiences that we share; delving into the psyche, traveling from past to present in quest for answers.

The prevalent use of fragmented bodies is an important part of her work as, used to discuss a wider notion for discussing the problematic nature of personal identity formation and the source of internal and external conflict. By assessing the relevancy of her art to the language and cultural repertoire of the times, Olivia also takes into account its relation to the history of art as a whole in order to articulate a meaningful statement with what she creates. In the process of creating art, she is simultaneously making new propositions to add to its overall body of language."